Birth in the Know

 Are you ready to take committed action to be a postpartum doula?

If you’re feeling called to this work with new families, you’re already a postpartum doula. It’s in your DNA. You’re part of the village women who pour their love out onto pregnant women, birthing women and new mothers. Nobody is supposed to do it alone.


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Postpartum Doula Blueprint for Success

It all starts within, no matter where you are in your own journey.

Are you asking the right questions? Do you know what you really want and how to get there?

Hey there, my name is Betsy Schwartz, and I guide and inspire postpartum doulas in their transformational journey of doularescense (process of becoming a doula). If you have doubts and fears, and are feeling confused or stuck – awesome!! This means you’re right on the edge, stepping out of your comfort zone, and ready for a new adventure. I’ve been there so many times. 

When I first started my postpartum doula journey I was a single mother raising a little boy, and I was given an opportunity from a seasoned postpartum doula. I gained a mentor and a friend for life. Work has never felt like work ever since. This is what I want for you.

I’ll support you with your emotional, practical and informational needs, sharing time tested wisdom, experience and case studies. You’ll become a confident matrescense (process of becoming a mother) warrior, champion, and guide for all the MotherBaby couples and families you serve.

doula quest
birthing transformative, confident caregivers today
to serve mothers tomorrow

  • unconventional
  • soulful
  • transformative
  • experiential
  • energizing
  • FUN
  • inspiring
  • intimate
Sounds like me!! Probably because I am your teacher and the course is a reflection of who I am at my core; a fun loving, free-spirited, hippie gypsy.  I’m a big fan of unlearning! If this resonates with you, I’d love to guide you to soulful success on your terms.

Open enrollment twice per year. Join my mailing list so you know when I start accepting students. 

I only take 12 per course so we have intimate connection and support in each group.

Courses start August 1st and February 1st



Betsy is a wealth of knowledge & a great resource! As a new Doula I appreciate having someone like her in my corner to support me and answer my questions as I learn and grow my business. I'm so glad I enrolled in the Fourth Trimester Journey course because the information you learn is invaluable. The monthly Zoom chats were incredibly helpful as well as the multiple texts/phone calls along the way when something came up that I wasn't prepared for. Betsy was always there and continues to be there for me. I feel so lucky to have her in my network and I am sure you will be to!
Erica Dinallo
Postpartum Doula
This is a self paced training. I am learning so much in this course. It's an online class but feels personalized. I have the mentor available every time I have a question; Betsy's amazing. Excellent training!
Noeleen Lang
Postpartum Doula
Reiki for Birth Workers

Reiki is a practice for those that are on a spiritual path. If you want 24/7 access to a tool that supports your ability to heal, or to ignite healing in the women and families you serve, perhaps you are ready to become a practitioner. 

You can use Reiki on anybody, anytime, anywhere. 

It is all about the energy and moving it where it needs to go in the body. What a great tool for pregnancy, labor, and parenting. Stress reduction is key. Reiki has been shown to improve vitals and is not harmful or invasive. It can be used with any and all other treatments.

Contact me if you would like more information or if you want me to come to you to do a Reiki 1 class, or speak to your group about Reiki. You can take the course FREE if you secure the space and a minimum number of participants.