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postpartum doula training online with individualized support

Knowledge = Confidence = Power !!

You’ve come to the right place if you already know you are a postpartum doula in your heart and soul AND you are seeking some guidance and support to be successful on your own terms.

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Supporting families and training postpartum doulas since 1991

Women are not supposed to birth and mother alone.
We are meant to be part of a community, or the village as it used to be called. Postpartum doulas have become the lost village of women helpers.

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The Company Mission

The mission of Birth in the Know is to inspire doulas through postpartum doula training online, and to collaborate with birth workers, and their clients to challenge and transform fear-based beliefs about childbirth, to produce better outcomes for MotherBaby and families that we serve. 

Our Service Area

We serve Citrus County, Marion County and serving the entire US via online postpartum doula training, and virtual support.

Citrus County

Beverly Hills, Crystal River, Dunnellon, Floral City, Hernando, Holder, Homosassa, Homosassa Springs, Inverness, Lecanto

Marion County

Belleview, Dunnellon, Eastlake Weir, Fairfield, Fort Mc Coy, Lowell, Ocala, Ocklawaha, Orange Lake, Orange Springs, Reddick

ABOUT Betsy Schwartz

I consider myself a pioneer and a visionary; going where no one has gone before. I am not afraid to take risks, and speak my truth.  At the same time, I am passionate about serving others and making a difference in the world.

In the course of my years of being a birth worker, I have served hundreds of families and doulas as a postpartum doula and trainer, and was a birth doula for a short time. Along the way I became a certified lactation counselor (CLC), board game creator, and Reiki Master.

Teaching and sharing wisdom comes naturally to me, and I do it daily as I live my life.  I offer courses, accept speaking engagements, sell my original creation, Down the Canal – the Game of Birth, and share the powerful practice of Reiki.  Check out my personal blog here.