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Why Are my Baby’s Feet Blue? No Cause for Panic

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“Why are my baby’s feet blue?” is a common question that new parents ask.  Being a new parent is like starting a whole new career, or living in another world. There are many questions and concerns that arise.  There is no cause for alarm if you see blue feet or hands.

Most newborns have this feature after birth because they are getting used to the circulation outside the womb, and the extremities are the last part of the body to receive the blood flow. The technical or medical term for this is acrocyanosis.

If you see this blue color on your baby’s body all over, particularly around the lips, this would be a cause for concern. If your baby has trouble breathing, that is an emergency requiring immediate medical intervention.

This is not meant to scare you. The more you know about normal baby behavior, the easier it becomes to parent. 

Please don’t panic if your baby’s feet are blue.

You can keep them extra warm, and rub their feet to improve circulation. Doing nothing is okay too. This will naturally disappear as the days go by. You can quickly become the expert on your baby by paying attention and asking questions.

I don’t advise asking too many people questions regarding your baby. Some answers may be factual, while others are opinions or incorrect information. Rest assured that at least you now have the answer as to why your baby’s feet are blue.

Always call your doctor if you are concerned about anything. Sometimes the peace of mind you get by reassurance is all you need. Babies are very good at communicating, and like all humans they require love and attention.

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