Birth in the Know



What you believe is your operating system that creates your experience.  You might have heard that thoughts become things, and believing is seeing, and you create your own reality.  This either resonates with you, you believe it wholeheartedly, or perhaps you are having a challenge with these statements. Wherever you are with your beliefs about these statements is perfect. You start there.

I am encouraging you to really look at what you believe about pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering, and to explore where those beliefs come from.  Cultural norms in the USA will have you believing that childbirth is an event to fear, manage, and control.  And, mothering is both joyful and fulfilling, or the toughest job you will ever love or resent.

However, there is no shortage of media portrayal of any of these scenarios. When you feed yourself with this kind of imagery you will interpret what you see and either let it go or internalize it.

How about the imagery of powerful women giving birth, surrounded by loving support?

How about the imagery of healthy, balanced women making choices from a space of love?

How about the imagery of mothers who are real, honest, and raw about all the emotions they are experiencing?

What you watch, and listen to matters.

Pregnancy and childbirth and mothering are all major life transformations, and you are the one in charge of all of it. Unless, of course, you relinquish your power to others who tell you what is best for you.

Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual preparation will assist you in this journey. Pain is a perception, and is very different for each individual. The pain seems to be the focal point of childbirth, thus creating fear of pain. When you are willing to dig deep, and ask yourself what you are really fearful of, you will be amazed at what you discover.

I am a huge fan of learning about the birth process, and at the same time, learning about yourself, because all the answers lie within. Your interaction with the information is what is important. Let your emotions be a guide, rather than a ruler.

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