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There are many ways to learn about pregnancy, labor, birth, babies and breastfeeding. There are books, videos and classes. It can be overwhelming, especially when you are getting conflicting information from all kinds of sources.

Google is a verb now. Very normal for those that grew up in this technological era.  Whenever you want to know something you can google it. The only problem with this is that anybody can put any information they want to online. 

How do you know that the information is the most accurate available?

In there lies the challenge in determining fact from fiction, to somewhere in between.

Because I am a research geek and love the facts, and people that I work with love the facts, I always investigate until I find the source of the information. For example, you read one of my blog posts about birth, and I have links to other websites to back what I have to say. You click on those, and maybe that is the end of the story.

​But maybe those links that have information about pregnancy and birth also link to other sources, and on and on until you get to the original author or study.

What does any of this have to do with a birthing game?

Down the Canal was my way of providing the best available evidence-based information (at the time of publication), in a fun and easy way.  

The game has been on the market for over two years now and has been being played by pregnant couples, doulas, high school students, doula students, nursing students, and more that I don’t know about it. Everybody walks away learning something new or reinforcing what they already knew.  

The greatest outcome that I like to see from playing this game is that the players walk away wanting to know more about birth. I say question everything!! Look it up. Ask around. Take charge of your knowledge.

Creating connection among players, and having fun while learning about birth makes this pregnancy game a win-win!! If you want to know more you can get more information about Down the Canal here.

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