Birth in the Know



You are almost ready to give birth. You are exhausted and praying for labor to begin. Then your doctor says he can induce your labor so you can have your baby before Thanksgiving Holiday.

BEWARE!!! Although this sounds great, it may be your worst nightmare. Labor induction is not always a cakewalk. In fact, many times, once you are induced, other interventions follow.

​Before you know it, there is talk of cesarean-section because too much time has passed. Your baby may experience heart deceleration. Your blood pressure could go wonky!!

Many possibilities exist for your birth to take a detour from normal.

Many babies come after 40 weeks, and many before. Very rarely is a baby born on their due date. This is because there really is no due date!! It is an estimation. There is always a window of time, typically two weeks before and two weeks after the date (EDD) you are given.

Of course, You want to meet your baby, and you would love your family to meet your baby. Please be patient, and know that your baby will come at the right time, in the right place, with the right people. I remember repeating this mantra over and over when I got to 42 weeks with my second son, James. My midwife, Sharon, told me that if another week went by she would have to relinquish my care to the doctor and I could not have a homebirth. This was the law in Florida in 1997.

​I was determined NOT to have a hospital birth, after hearing all the horror stories from clients I was serving as a postpartum doula.

I rubbed castor oil on my big, round belly and talked to James, who I thought was Jamie, my daughter. I also thought and spoke all positive affirmations, and knew my baby would greet me when it was time.

Thanksgiving is not a reason for labor induction. The only real medical reason for induction is if it is safer for a mother to give birth than to stay pregnant.

Enjoy your holiday, give thanks, and if your baby is born then great!! If not, it will be soon enough.

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