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Mother Knows Best


The T.V. series I used to watch as a kid was called Father Knows Best. I say Mother knows best. When it comes to babies, the MotherBaby couple is one that deserves respect and is about survival and physiology.

Mothers, when well supported, encouraged, and focused on baby, know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. I hear people say that mothering is not instinctual or intuitive. I disagree. What has happened in modern times is that the mother’s instincts have been buried deep within. There are so many distractions.

All humans have intuition. We simply forget that we have it and haven’t used it and honed it enough. Mothers are so busy tending to the needs of others and worried about getting back to work, or life as it was. Mothers think they have to do it all, and should be able to do it all.

Now, more than ever, the stress and anxiety of an unknown future, with all the fear-mongering surrounding COVID 19, mothers need and deserve the support of family, friends, and the medical community. Mothers are not supposed to do it all alone.

What does this support look like? It is never a one size fits all. Each MotherBaby and family is unique. There are various lifestyles, circumstances, and personalities. The one universal truth is that having support in the early days and weeks of becoming a mother, allows for healing to take place, and confidence to grow.

There is a fine line between support and help, and feeling like you don’t know what you are doing. It’s important for any helper to guide a new mother to her inner knowing.

New mothers can be emotionally fragile, and weary and may see the help as being weak or unable or clueless. This fosters self-doubt. Rather than take over, and be a know it all, postpartum doulas act like guides. They will listen, observe, and encourage.

If you are expecting a baby and are anxious about how, and if, I would encourage you to focus on what you want, and visualize yourself holding and caring for your baby. Know that you will know what and how. Believe in yourself and tap into your intuition.

Start now making choices for yourself that feel good. Let go of everyone else’s idea of what pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period should be. No should!! Go within to find what you need. It is all right there.

Mothering is a way of being with a tiny human. You do know-how. Line up your support, and trust your inner guidance system.

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