Birth in the Know


It is what we can’t see, yet we know it is there. As a Reiki practitioner, I am the channel for the energy and act like a hose for the energy to flow through me, to the person I am giving to. The goal is to balance the energy centers, or chakras, in their body, to initiate the body’s ability to heal.

The practice of Reiki comes from the east and has been around long before western medical advancements. You can receive Reiki with all other treatments and medical interventions, without any harm. It is safe in pregnancy, labor, and after birth; for the MotherBaby and anybody in the family.


When energy is stuck dis-ease can show up in the body, mind, or spirit. By helping the energy flow, the body has a better chance of healing and restoring to balance. A typical Reiki session is about one hour. It helps to play relaxing music and to do a short mediation to help your mind and body feel at ease during your session. Usually, you lie on a massage table, however, you feel comfortable. There is no manipulation of any kind. It is a light touch or a hover. You may need more than one session to feel better.

Distance Reiki is also available. This is typically done in three sessions in a row at the same time of day, for about fifteen minutes each. We can be in different locations. I don’t know how this works, but it does.

As a Master, I have learned to embody the Reiki principles in my life, and have practiced since 2012. I teach in small groups by request. Anybody on a spiritual path of growth and self-awareness can become a Reiki practitioner.

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