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General Information About Reiki

Reiki is universal life force energy. It is the energy in and around us. You can’t see it and it is there. The Reiki practitioner is a channel for the energy. Anybody can become a Reiki practitioner. The Reiki Master passes on the Reiki through a series of attunements.

In summary, you would take a Reiki 1 class, and spend 21 days doing Reiki on yourself, and practicing on others. The more practice, the stronger the channel you become. More is discussed and learned in class.

If you are open to healing yourself and being a healer and have a desire for spiritual connection and growth, then becoming a Reiki practitioner may be the next right thing for you.

There are many benefits to this practice, although medical research and literature lack quantitative, randomized controlled studies. There is much anecdotal evidence from Reiki recipients and practitioners; including feeling relaxed, sleeping better, and an overall feeling of well-being.

Reiki for Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, and The Postpartum Period

Where does all this fit into the childbirth experience; before, during and after? The mind and body can become stressed during this time. Doulas who can provide Reiki are bringing another relaxation tool to the table. One in seven women will experience a perinatal mood disorder. Because there are no side effects from Reiki, it can be used with all other medical interventions. The Reiki energy will go where it needs to; removing any blocks.

 There was a recent study on pain after cesarean-section using Reiki. With the warnings on Tylenol and the opioid epidemic, Reiki deserves further study. There are no known side effects, and this study has shown statistical meaningful results on benefits. The study can be found at the International Center for Reiki Training. It is a great source for information and research on Reiki.

Massage and many hands-on techniques are taught to doulas for pain relief during labor and birth. Why not add Reiki into the mix?

If you are a doula, and you are seeking balance, healing, relaxation, and serenity, and you wish to bring that to the families you serve, then consider taking a Reiki 1 course.

 We are all energy; and we have the capacity to bring positive, healing energy to the expectant and new families we serve as doulas. Reiki is one way we can do that.

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