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The Human Placenta Formed From a Retrovirus

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The human placenta formed from a retrovirus 65 million years ago. That sounds crazy.  I thought so too, until I found this article. I did some research after listening to this video with Deepak Chopra and Sadghuru, where they were talking about climate change, and Covid 19. It is not a retrovirus, but all viruses do inform our DNA in some way.

They are small bits of genetic information or coding. When I heard this I started to pay closer attention to the two wise men. After Deepak said that viruses were genetic information, Sadghuru then said that the human placenta originated from a virus.

I had to investigate, of course. That’s when I found the above mentioned article. Please do read it.  In a nutshell, the creature that was living looked like a present day mammal, equipped with body hair and mammary glands, but no placenta. The retrovirus not only forged its way into the genome of the host, copied itself and was passed on to daughter cells, but somehow snuck its way into one of ancestor’s sperm or egg.  The virus was then passed on to every cell in every generation to follow.

This sound like science fiction, yet when you give this some thought, humans are made up of microbes, including viruses and bacteria. Usually when the virus genome does integrate with the host, the newly formed hybrid dies when the cells die, and all their descendants.

Sometimes, the virus can infect the sperm or egg cell, and then create a “fully endogenous retrovirus. This is a virus that comes from within.

Viruses are not actually good or bad. They are a part of us and we are part of them. If you get rid of viruses you get rid of us. If you get rid of us viruses will still go on. How can we somehow live with viruses, while also protecting ourselves from getting sick, or dying?

I don’t have the answer to that question, for you. Perhaps there are different questions to ask:

1) What is the Covid-19 virus (SARS Cov-2) trying to teach us, or how is is trying to upgrade us to adapt to our environment and evolution? 

2) Can we restore the biodiversity and prevent some of the deadly viruses from occurring and using us as hosts?

You get to ask the questions.  As always, my goal is to inspire you  to do just that.

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