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The Whole World is in Labor: What Stage Are We In?

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Today I had an epiphany after I listened to a great video by Kyle Cease, former comedian turned writer and coach and promoter of ideas that resonate with me. He was talking about how we are all experiencing a collective purge. There are so many emotions swirling. A planetary rebirth and a new timeline are being created.

As a birth worker for a lot of years, of course, I am comparing this world upheaval to labor and birth. We are all birthing something new. We are in unchartered waters. It is, for many of us, the greatest challenge of our lives.

This pandemic, the economic collapse, and the civil unrest are begging us all to be resourceful, resilient, creative, and to utilize all the tools we’ve got to remain calm and breathe. We are experiencing a worldwide transformation. Labor is very much the same. It is an event in one’s life that is an opportunity for a major transformation. It also helps to prepare for labor mentally.

Think about it for a minute.

In early labor, things are just beginning, and it’s easy to stay distracted and go about your business. (early COVID 19?) When labor becomes more active, focusing on your breath with each contraction helps you to move through the waves with more ease. If you have practiced mindfulness, you can do this a lot easier. (COVID 19 came to the USA?) 

Then there is a transition, where you can get to the point where you want to quit. It’s intense, quick, and exhausting. Are we there yet?

I say we are not in transition yet. We are experiencing long labor. It is time to break out all the comfort measures, all the relaxation tools, gather support, and dig deep from within to use everything we’ve got. 

I am fortunate that I have everything I need and more. Others are suffering great losses, and emotional upheaval, and are having a hard time dealing with the uncertainty and the pain. This is the time to create community, gather support, or be the support for someone else.

Having and knowing ways to stay grounded and connected to the present moment helps. Rather than focusing on the pain, and the fear you can focus on the greatness, and amazingness of this time in human history where the entire human race is going through this upheaval, and purge together. There are so many people creating new inventions, growing gardens, learning a new language, and starting all kinds of new businesses and hobbies.

You can long for the past or create your future. You can gather your tools, or get some new ones. No matter where you are in your life, and your head, you will come through this long labor feeling empowered or defeated. It’s up to you.

You will know when you are experiencing a transition because it will be really quick.

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