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Your Baby Doesn’t Need a Decorated Nursery and all the Latest Gadgets


I know you want to make the nursery look nice, and make sure you have all the equipment your friends said you must have. This has nothing to do with your baby, and everything to do with the culture we live in.

It seems that so many parents are concerned with the stuff a baby needs. Sure, there are a few material necessities. A car seat, a safe sleep surface, diapers, clothes, and blankets are essential. A baby thermometer could come in handy. Most of the other things are convenient for you, the parents.

I get it. Our lives have become so fast-paced that it really helps to have stuff that makes our lives easier. It is no different when you have a baby. You want stuff to make things easier. What if I told you that by learning about newborn behavior, newborn sleep, and overall normal characteristics, health, and development, your life with a newborn baby would be much easier?

Babies are intelligent beings that can communicate. Backing it up, babies can hear, taste, and feel everything in the womb. You can start connecting with your baby before they are even born. Learn about what a healthy pregnancy is, about the two models of care for birth, the microbiome, breastfeeding, and infant sleep.

Learn about how you can develop and create your support team while you are pregnant, to serve you when your baby is born. You can cook and freeze some meals, and find ways to relax and reduce the stress in your life.

Your baby needs you!! She needs you to be calm and connected. She doesn’t know if the crib is oak or mahogany, or if the walls are the right color blue, or the sheets match the walls. Your baby may never even sleep in the crib.

My point is that when you are pregnant, and preparing for birth, and to meet your new baby, think about your baby’s emotional needs, and health needs. The more you focus on that, the easier it will be to get to know exactly what your baby needs.

There is a lot of emphasis on planning for birth. Along with that, plan for life with a baby who awakens every 2-3 hours to feed, who is dependent on you for their every need. With support, and realistic expectations you will navigate the journey.

Buy all the stuff you want, and accept all the gifts that make your life easier. Don’t forget that your baby doesn’t need most of it.

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